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Trash-Talk: Bone Gnawer Galliard
Human name: Dijon                                   Deed name: “Trash-Talk”              Nickname: “DJ”
Breed: Metis                                             Auspice: Galliard                         Pack: Luna Lupus
Concept: Fast talking pack rat
Strength: 2      Charisma: 3           Perception: 3
Dexterity: 2     Manipulation: 3      Intelligence: 3
Stamina: 2      Appearance: 2        Wits: 4 (
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A Moment of Horror by Throntre A Moment of Horror :iconthrontre:Throntre 2 3
Music Boxes
Allegra rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet, staring down at her toes. Her ears twitched as the soles of her sneakers kept squeaking, back and forth and then back again. Every now and again, her eyes would flicker down to the basement door. Maybe if she stayed here long enough, the music box might end up fixing itself?
Probably not.
The moon fox looked down at the delicate, brass square that sat neatly in her brown hands. Even though all three of the boxes daddy had made for them were beautiful, Allegra couldn’t help but think that her’s was the best. While Artan’s was complex and geometrical, and Aria’s was framed with delicate vines and roses covered in pin-point drops of dew, Allegra’s had a music staff that wrapped all the way around. Her daddy had carved in all the notes of the song that would play when you wound up the key, but inside of those notes were tiny little carvings. Allegra’s favorite game was to stare at those notes as fel
:iconthrontre:Throntre 2 5
Chasing Truth
Though it may not be Friday anymore – or even Saturday for that matter, whoops! – I still want to make sure that I pump out a blog article before we all go scrambling back to work and school. So for our first discussion in the Writer's Corner, I'm going to be doing something a little different, so I hope that you'll indulge me.
As writers, one of the tools we use the most is the suspension of disbelief. Though we do our best to tell a story that is believable, with characters that could pass as real people, there's always going to be certain questions nagging at the back of someone's brain. Let's take the world of Detective Comics, otherwise known as DC, for example. Not only do we have to accept the fact a super hero like Superman is an alien from a far off planet, we're also expected to believe that he is powered by the sun, can fly so fast that he can change time and can really look manly while saving people in red pajamas. And yet, Superman still holds the place as not on
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Theme 214: The Poison
That I had been blinded from
birth to keep my eyes from spying
you from across the room.
Perhaps, then, this
dagger, once friend of mine,
would not have kissed thy heart in
touch of death.
That I had died a foolish boy,
a petty dueler in the streets,
rather than your lover;
Then this bed we had made,
which once was sweet with the
bloom of first red passion
would not now serve as the
tomb that now stands as symbol.
Star-Crossed lovers they call our love.
I say it a lie.
We were but each other's poison.
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Theme 133: Musical Hunt
The orange-yellow of the twilight extenuated her figure as it drifted down through the canopy. He could see the flash of her tawny neck as she breathed; as the muscles in her flank sliding against each other as she slowly crept into the glade, ears erect and twitching.
He could feel the blood start to tingle in his fingertips. It nearly made him drop the arrow that was fitted in his bow. He could hardly take the buildup; the feeling of his body staying perfectly still as he waited for the shot. It was like being trapped in a room filled with grinding, popping static. All he could thick about was re-tuning the sound system.
As she stepped into the center of the glade, a shaft of honey colored light spilled over her, lighting up every taunt angle. As she turned her head away from him, he saw the red flash of her hooded eyes. In that moment, he knew that he had her.
He sucked in a breath to keep from sighing as the joyous noise of the arrow leaving the bow filled him. Instead, he revealed
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They end in half-finished sentences.
:iconthrontre:Throntre 4 3
A Letter For My Father
Why does the rain always remind me about mortality? Not just the clicking clock inside of me, but the thrumming lives of the 6.9 billion other people on this planet? Maybe it's the knowledge that, for every gentle rain fall, there will always be a sweeping flood or devastating typhoon. Either that, or I'm still crazy.
I wonder if the rain knew what I was going to be hearing today. A friend called, and told me that a few days ago it was decided that another father should leave this world. It was a heart attack; the kind you can never walk away from. I know the man's son. His name is Zachery. He lives in Georgia, but he's never eaten a peach in his life. He loves to talk, but it's always about what's on his mind at the time. Right now, he keeps saying that he's "fine".
I remember when I was fine.
I stayed home from school for two weeks and hide in my room. I ran away from the trash bag filled with notes from my classmates. I pretended that I wasn't at your funeral by going out onto
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It laughs in the blackberry stains that drip from my fingertips,
singing in the snapping fabric of a distant clothesline.
Bittersweet - a sugar coated thorn - it seeps into the thick carpet of my tongue; gritty, rich and warm when passing down my throat.
I lick my thumb, inspecting the maze of its print. But still, the stain remains - obstinate in its royalty.
:iconthrontre:Throntre 2 0
Of Pig's Blood
I'll never forget the first time someone told me I was going to hell. I was twelve.
The grounds of the Conference Center were breezy, the buds of the coming spring dappling the many thin trees in shades of light pastels. All around me, packs of women and young girls - some my age, some older - bustled towards the great, granite building that towered above us all. I held tight to the large, square ticket that was going to grant me entrance, huddling close to my small group of friends as we were guided towards the gate.
It wasn't until we rounded the turn that I saw them. There was a small cluster of people who had lined the entrance to the grounds, holding signs and blow horns. One man was standing above the rest, holding himself up on the wall as he called down to the throng of swishing skirts and flapping ponytails. "Ladies!" he bellowed, his voice cracking like thunder above the traffic sound of Salt Lake city. "Ladies, I warn you! You step into that building, and you're stepping rig
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Meet Captain by Throntre Meet Captain :iconthrontre:Throntre 3 14
Reflections On A Stormy Sky 3
Reflections On A Stormy Sky: The Danger In Heroes
I've always been one of the first people to laugh at how protective mothers can be about what effects a "hero" might have on their child. Whether it was a prayer group rebelling over the creation of a homosexual superhero, or a soccer dad raging about nude pictures of Miley Cyrus appearing in a magazine, I've happily sat on the side line, content in letting these little media melodramas play themselves out. After all, most of us think we have the sense to not suit up and chase after bad guys after watching Batman jump in his Bat Mobile, or suddenly change our sexual orientation after watching Willow dance with her new girlfriend on Buffy.
But then of course, this is coming from a twenty-year-old college student. I'm one of the most dangerous creatures in existence. So it can be expected that I have a few things to learn about life, especially when it comes to motivations behind a mother wanting to protect her child.
When I first
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Toradh: Fiddle Sticks by Throntre Toradh: Fiddle Sticks :iconthrontre:Throntre 14 24 Toradh: Bean-Nighe by Throntre
Mature content
Toradh: Bean-Nighe :iconthrontre:Throntre 12 21
Reflections On A Stormy Sky 2
Reflections On A Stormy Sky: Fever
Jenna had to leave the house when I started to vomit. She couldn't just be in another room, or downstairs. She actually had to remove herself from everything and shut the door tight behind her as I gagged on the marbled chunks of chicken and green apple that were crawling their way up my throat. I couldn't really blame her. The trashcan made my heaves echo out across the entire house, turning groaning whimpers into thunder claps of uncontrollable, sloppy plops.
Almost a year later, I figured out that it had been struck down by food poisoning. The bright green health drink that Lizzie had given me – the one made from mashed up grass and sour apples – had crept down into my bowels and started a revolution, sending my fluids retreating out in every graphic sense of the imagination. After my first throatal evacuation, I sat downstairs with the trash can between my legs, a new bag lining it. Lizzie and Jenna sat on the couch, starting at m
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Reflections On A Stormy Sky 1
Reflections On A Stormy Sky: The Blackberry Stain
I should have known that the blackberry stain would be trouble. But then again, stains have always been following me around, so why should I care? At least it wasn't mustard. If I had found a gigantic mustard stain on the floor, then I would have picked up my boxes and headed back out the door. Mustard has always been splattering across my shirt, down my pants, always reminding me that I can never eat a corndog without making a mess of myself. So, finding one in the new townhouse could only mean that the school year would be a nightmare.
But it was only a blackberry stain, so there was no need for me to worry.
When I came down the stairs, I found Lizzie and Jenna crowded around it, like it was some sort of sign from God. "We forget to put the blackberries in the freezer," Lizzie said, looking up at me with a grimace on her face. I remember feeling like iron claws had reached into my stomach, ripping into the lining as they twiste
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Hey there friends! :D Been a while, huh? I'd would just like to take some time out of your day to tell you about a new RPG I found called Palandri. 

Palandri a high fantasy RPG that I've been having a lot of fun with, and would like to share with the rest of you. A play by post RPG, it has a ton of races, classes and you can even gain levels through play! :D Right now the community is very small, but that just means there's room for a lot of growth! We also just started a festival, so there's a really good chance to just jump in and get your feet wet with a new character. 

Please click on the banner above if you'd like to give it a try! :D And if you're not interested, but would still like to help me out, please re-post this button wherever you can (post here if you'd like the link), or even let me know if there are an DA RPGs that might agree to be affiliates! Thanks again for reading this, and I hope I can see you guys there! :D 


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There's nothing very special about me, other than the fact that I'm just another crazy dreamer who wants to dedicate her life to writing. I love spying on humans, as seen above, and spin dizzy day dreams about what might be troubling their lives.

I love to share my art with others, but also enjoy reading the literature that others have posted on the DA. If you ever want me to look at your stuff, send me a Note and I'll see what I can do!



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